I haven’t really been too sure as to what I wanted to post next on this blog. Initially, I wanted to keep posting a few more posts about scratchboards or art in general, but I’ve been really bogged down with my regular job and haven’t been too productive in regards artwork.

What I think I’m going to do is post about a broad spectrum of things and just tagged everything right, after all, this is a blog on my website and this website is about me, not necessarily just artwork. The things that would be included in the posts would be things like investing, finances, day in the life stuff, travel (which I rarely do currently, but would love to do a ton more of it), artwork (of course, since I’ve already been doing that and plan on doing more), and more.

Hopefully that will motivate me into making more content and not just try to confine myself to a little corner when there is a lot of stuff that I do outside of art.

When I did first start this site, the plan was just to make it about my artwork and try to help motivate myself to making more stuff and growing from there, but life happens and my current job as a used car salesman/finance manager is very time consuming and energy draining. Not saying that it’s a bad job at all, just that it’s a lot of work and trying to add more to juggle currently by force would be overwhelming. I want to make things more natural on here and just post as I think about things, rather than try to come up with something that is super niche and then just end up overloading to the point where nothing actually happens, like what has been happening.

I know I haven’t posted a whole lot before this, but it really has been because I just don’t know what to do post-wise because I wanted to make everything be cohesive with each other post and just could not come up with more.

So this post is more so just me posting my thoughts so that I can look back on this later and remember that I don’t need to post something that is super niche, I just should post something that I like and not overthink it.

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